Gustavo Villegas Mansilla


Gustavo Villegas Mansilla, has a Law Degree from the Universidad Católica de Temuco, Chile (2019).
He previously worked for two and a half years for Gómez & Riesco Abogados, in the same city of Temuco, where he first performed as judicial attorney and then as legal advisor in corporate, labor and real estate matters.
Additionally, he was the technical secretary for the Chilean Presidential Advisory Commission for the region of La Araucanía, Chile (2017).
Between 2016 and 2018 he became Assistant Coordinator for the Revista de Derecho y Ciencia Política ([Chilean] Journal of Law and Political Science).
He is currently the Executive Director of the [charitable, nonprofit and not-for-profit] entity Fundación Memoria, Debate y Espíritu.